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Re: [Condor-users] Condor with only HTTP?

To followup on my own question...

On 7/30/06, Jason Brazile <jbrazile@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
We are researchers at three separate instititions and would like to
pool our spare CPUs (about 100) toward working on a single problem. Our
potential compute nodes all have outgoing HTTP (at least through username
protected web proxies) and we all have the ability to modify files
stored on a web server at a 4th location. None of us have root/admin
access nor incoming access (e.g. ssh nor ftp) from the outside.

This paper seems to be headed in the direction we are after...

   Current methods for negotiating firewalls for the Condor system
   Bruce Beckles, Se-Chang Son and John Kewley

But all the suggestions there seem pretty complicated and we would still have to try to extend our current limitations.

Can someone recommend a general condor strategy for this?

Jason Brazile                                         jbrazile@xxxxxxxxx