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[Condor-users] 1 job multiple computers?

Hi there,
I got very excited when first met with Condor; I have build a test setup at home with 4 (windows) machines successfully running 4 jobs at the same time. But my real intention is to run 1 job utilizing 4 computers simultaneously. I now understand that Condor is not developed for this purpose and went back to begining. I manage IT of a structural engineering firm and a modarate structure model takes 10-15 hours of analysis time with latest desktop cpus. As this community is a very good place; I want to ask your ideas about how to team up a number of pcs to run a single job (commercial software) in a parallel fashion. Thank you very much for your interests and answers.


ps: Without setting up a password for your windows xp user, condor_store_cred utility do not accept to add a credential. This may be added to troubleshooting section of windows configuration.