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Re: [Condor-users] 1 job multiple computers?

hi serhan...

the information that i've seen indicates that Condor can be used to
run/manage a single process over multiple computers. however, it appears
that the parallelism has to be built into the app that you're going to be
running. i'm not sure that you can take an out of the box software app, and
run it over multiple machines. in fact i'd be really surprised if you could,
given the things that can go on in an app....


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Subject: [Condor-users] 1 job multiple computers?

Hi there,
I got very excited when first met with Condor; I have build a test setup at
home with 4 (windows) machines successfully running 4 jobs at the same time.
But my real intention is to run 1 job utilizing 4 computers simultaneously.
I now understand that Condor is not developed for this purpose and went back
to begining. I manage IT of a structural engineering firm and a modarate
structure model takes 10-15 hours of analysis time with latest desktop cpus.
As this community is a very good place; I want to ask your ideas about how
to team up a number of pcs to run a single job (commercial software) in a
parallel fashion. Thank you very much for your interests and answers.


ps: Without setting up a password for your windows xp user,
condor_store_cred utility do not accept to add a credential. This may be
added to troubleshooting section of windows configuration.