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Re: [Condor-users] Fault Behaviour of Condor

At 10:57 AM 8/2/2006, Matt Hope wrote:
On 8/2/06, thomas.t.hoppe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<thomas.t.hoppe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> 3.) Shutting down the NIC on the executor (I assume same as pulling the
> plug)
> Outcome: Condor hangs, a shadow process is existing all the time
> I even cannot remove the job with condor_rm!
> Maybe a bug? what can I do?

condor_rm -forcex may get rid of it (you may need to kill off the
shadow by hand, it should eventually timeout though, how long did you
give it?).

Here is the story:

Condor sends regular "pings" from the submit machine (schedd) to the execute machine (startd). Thus the execute machine knows relatively quickly if a submit machine disappears (because it will not receive a ping within the anticipated timeframe). You can configure how often these pings happen and how quickly the Condor execute machine will throw off a current job by tweaking the job lease parameter in the submit file.

However, going the other way is a different story. There is currently no way to configure how often "pings" happen from the execute machine back to the submit machine. Thus, there is no way to configure how long it takes before a submit machine (the condor_shadow) notices when a execute machine falls off of the network. Have no fear, however, as Condor most definitely *will* notice it eventually, but you may need to be patient. The socket created by the condor_shadow is using TCP's KEEPALIVE option on the socket. However, the standard for TCP says it only needs to send a ping every two hours. So in the worst case, the shadow may take up to a max of two hours to notice if the execute machine has fallen off the network without a trace. This is an issue we'd like to improve.

Hope this helps clarify things,

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