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[Condor-users] Debugging with cmd.exe

I'm still trying to get Condor and Windows to play nice together,
knowing next to nothing about Windows... And my latest attempt involves
trying to get Condor to run a copy of cmd.exe just to prove that
everything is working.

I have a copy of cmd.exe, and a submit file which transfers the
executable and then calls it.  Everything seems to work fine, except
that the window only pops up on the Windows machine for a split second,
and Condor's logs show what looks like a successful job completion.

Is this expected behavior?  Shouldn't cmd.exe run interactively until
the user at the console dismisses it?  Or am I thinking in Unix again?

If normal behavior would be for cmd.exe to stick around, but it isn't in
my case, that might provide some insight into why other Windows apps
aren't working as expected for us, especially if we can figure out why.