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Re: [Condor-users] Debugging with cmd.exe

I'm not sure, why you want to start the cmd.exe but if you just want to use
commands from the dos-box, put the desired commands into a batch file and
define that batch-file as your executable. 


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> I'm still trying to get Condor and Windows to play nice 
> together, knowing next to nothing about Windows... And my 
> latest attempt involves trying to get Condor to run a copy of 
> cmd.exe just to prove that everything is working.
> I have a copy of cmd.exe, and a submit file which transfers 
> the executable and then calls it.  Everything seems to work 
> fine, except that the window only pops up on the Windows 
> machine for a split second, and Condor's logs show what looks 
> like a successful job completion.
> Is this expected behavior?  Shouldn't cmd.exe run 
> interactively until the user at the console dismisses it?  Or 
> am I thinking in Unix again?
> If normal behavior would be for cmd.exe to stick around, but 
> it isn't in my case, that might provide some insight into why 
> other Windows apps aren't working as expected for us, 
> especially if we can figure out why.
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