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[Condor-users] Question concerning BOINC backfill and condor

I'm a little bit confused on the state rules for starting and stopping backfill jobs (that chart diagram in the docs made my head spin!) :)
So here is my question. If I want to run boinc in the background at all times EXCEPT when a condor job comes into the system, if I set START = TRUE and don't use the EVICT_BACKFILL variable will that achieve my goal? It's unclear to me if EVICT_BACKFILL is changed by CONDOR in the event of a CONDOR job entering the system. Or is that variable only used when you want to evict a BOINC backfill due to high CPU.
The system I'm configuring is dedicated and I don't mind running BOINC all the time (since it's niced anyhow) but I DO want it to vacate if a condor job needs to run.
-Doug B