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Re: [Condor-users] Question concerning BOINC backfill and condor

On 8/18/06, Doug Baggett <dbaggett@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks for the info. Changing the perms on the BOINC folder fixed the issue
(so it's accessible to everybody).

Note: Modifying permissions in windows does NOT work when using cygwin as
your interface and using the traditional chmod method :)

Is there any of this in the manual? Did I miss it? If not there should
probably be a blurb or two about the specifics of getting BOINC to work with
Backfill in a windows OS.

This applies to all attempts to get condor using preinstalled
applications on windows due to the restricted permissions.

While it is stated in the windows section (without mentioning BOINC in
particular) it may be worth mentioning in the Boinc section that the
executing user requires priviledges to the install of BOINC as a
reminder (not read the section in question so if one already exists
ignore this).