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Re: [Condor-users] Question concerning BOINC backfill and condor

Thanks for the info. Changing the perms on the BOINC folder fixed the issue
(so it's accessible to everybody).

Note: Modifying permissions in windows does NOT work when using cygwin as
your interface and using the traditional chmod method :)

Is there any of this in the manual? Did I miss it? If not there should
probably be a blurb or two about the specifics of getting BOINC to work with
Backfill in a windows OS.


On 8/17/06 7:51 PM, "Matt Hope" <matthew.hope@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 8/17/06, Baggett, Douglas <dbaggett@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Ok. I set up everything and I'm getting this error in the condor boinc log
>> 8/17 14:15:27 Create_Process: CreateProcess failed, errno=5
>> 8/17 14:15:27 ERROR "Create_Process(D:\Program Files\BOINC\boinc.exe,, ...)
>> failed" at line 390 in file ..\src\condor_starter
>> .V6.1\os_proc.C
>> What is errorno 5? Just a generic "failed process" error or is it something
>> more specific?
> this is the system api's error code for CreateProcess. In this case
> Access Denied.
> I can't remember if the BOINC stuff runs as the startd user or as the
> standard condor-reuse-vmX which runs with almost zero permissions. I
> would guess the latter. Does the execute account have access to see
> and run this executable?
> If you are running windows 2003 note that it has some pretty tight
> restrictions out of the box (we had to explicitly expose cmd and set
> to the reuse account. I would think Program Files is similarly locked
> out too it.
> You can fix this by altering the permissions on the files to be
> visible to any local account, explicitly available to the reuse ones
> (a bit of a pain to manage since they are, by default, dynamically
> generated) or (less secure from a condor point of view) change the
> accounts to all start as some higher privileged user (Seriously
> suggest you go with the first suggestion)
> Matt
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