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[Condor-users] executable caching?

I've run into an odd problem with an executable getting cached by condor 6.7.18 when it shouldn't.

I have a shell script, called 'miketest.sh', that runs 'printenv' to dump the worker node environment. I have a submit script "miketest.sub" that is used to submit the shell script to a remote site via condor-g. I submit the script with the command:

condor_submit miketest.sub

The shell script runs fine and returns the output as expected.

Now I modify the shell script so that it prints the current date instead of printing the worker node environment. The name/path of both the shell script and submit script remain unchanged. Only the contents of the shell script have changed. I submit the script again with the same condor_submit command.

However this time, the output returns the worker node environment as before, not the current date. It seems that somewhere, condor is caching the contents of the shell script and reusing it across submissions.

How can I prevent this caching so that I can submit modifications to my shell script?


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