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Re: [Condor-users] a gui tool for condor

Hi Matt

Really appreciate your suggestion. I'll try some java's grid code.


Matt Hope wrote:

On 8/24/06, zhangyaoheng <yaoheng.zhang@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Todd Tannenbaum wrote:

   a) I don't think I would remove the job upon a double
click.  From a GUI standpoint, that is not intuitive --- most people
think double click to get more informataion.  Maybe double click
should show all the job attributes?  For removal, I suggest a right
click w/ menu and/or an toolbar button.  It'd be nice to be able to
highlight multiple jobs to remove.

Yes, I totally agree. Maybe I can add a check box for each job and a
button to remove multiple jobs.

The 'standard' gui mechanism of displaying this kind of data these
days is some form of Grid
Java provides it's own DataGrid and associated classes.

Then the most common means of selection is to use the OS specific
multiple select mechanism (Java might even do that bit for you) and
rows which are selected get highlighted (pretty sure java's grid will
also do this).
Then you have a tool bar button (and possibly key binding to Delete)
to cause the removal. (You may wish to have a dialog to check if the
user really wants to do this - current opinion on this is divided,
though in the case of you not being able to simply undo the action I
feel it is warranted here)

The 'checkbox column  for selection' style is a web specific
phenomenon which should not be brought over to the fat desktop
application since it stops accessibility mechanisms working as well as
many other useful benefits of standardized UI.

You may wish to consider putting the output from the condor_status
commands into a grid also (by simply parsing the output from either a
sequence of -format arguments, or for full generallity, using the -l
switch and parsing that)

Once you learn the grid's api there are considerable benefits to it as
you can flexibly and easily adjust the displayed data quite simply and
Also you could use parent-child relationships within the Grid for
cluster-process relationship (though for some users this would be a
needless waste since they tend to have only a few or 1 process per

The demo online is nice

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