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Re: [Condor-users] R script with condor


On Wed, Aug 16, 2006 at 05:59:42PM +0200, a.darrigol wrote:
> Using R in the standart universe is very interesting!
> I'll be patient :)

I was the one who implemented support for R into the standard universe
as a proof of concept over a year ago. Currently available versions of
6.7 and 6.8 Condor have most of the machinery (IIRC) to get this working.

>From memory:

1. Download a source copy of the R package

2. Compile it, looking carefully for the link line for R.bin

3. Alter the Makefile's R.bin link line  to condor_compile the object
	files and archives together.

4. Remove the R.bin binary, and type make at the top level again.

5. Inspect the usual interface to R, a script called "R", you'll have
	to figure out exactly what environment and command line arguments
	it will pass to R.bin when you run R on a script.

6. In your Condor local config file for a submit node, set 


	This config file attribute allows the system() call to be enabled
	by a remotely executing standard universe job. It also allows
	arbitrary commands to be run with ease on the submit machine
	is the remote executable is compromised. For this reason, this
	attribute defaults to FALSE in a default configuration of Condor.

7. Craft a job submission file with the needed environment and comman line
	arguments deduced from the R script. Your R script MUST NOT open
	any windows or use X in anyway.

8. Submit to Condor.

I definitely had this working on Solaris, where the proof of concept had
to work. But I don't remember any reason why it wouldn't work on Linux
as well, but I don't think I had tried it there.

Good Luck.

UW-Condor Team