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Re: [Condor-users] Condor flocking

> Dear Condor users,
> I'd like to know if Condor flocking is only allowed if all machines in
> different pools (that are going to flock jobs) have visible IP
> addresses.
> I looked at various sources (condor manual, faqs and google search)
> and it seemed to me that all machines involved in flocking need to
> have a visible IP number to be placed as a value for the variable
> FLOCK_FROM in the condor_config file.

Worse than that:

Any potential execute node must be able to communicate with any possible
submit node for the allocated high port ranges over both UDP and TCP,
and I believe vice-versa. Firewalls at submit and execute nodes and any 
firewalls in between must be open to allow this traffic.

The situation does not change when flocking is involved - matched nodes need to
talk directly, comms is not directed through central managers.

Paper should also be at
but doesn't seem to be there just now, if it doesn't come back soon,
email me and I'll send you a copy of the paper.