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Re: [Condor-users] differences between scheduler and local universes

On Monday 06 February 2006 02:14 am, Mark Silberstein wrote:
> I am wondering if there any differences between scheduler and local
> universes? Not much in the manual on this point ;)

The main difference between the scheduler universe and the local universe is 
that local universe jobs are run under the control of a Starter, whereas a 
scheduler universe job is just forked off by the Schedd.

The local universe is still being developed, and it is not fully supported 
yet. For instance, local universe jobs in the next development release will 
be able to use Periodic and OnExit expressions just like the vanilla/standard 

Also of note is that as of version 6.7.14, the Schedd now evaluates a 
scheduler/local universe job's Requirements attribute in its ClassAd. 
However, the Schedd is not pulling information from its local Startd's 
machine ad to compare against the local universe job, which may cause a local 
universe job not to match. This is not a problem for scheduler universe since 
they do not use a Starter. We hope to add this in before 6.8.
Andy Pavlo