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Re: [Condor-users] creating a special queue for administrators

RANK trumps everything else. A machine will drop whatever it's doing for a job with a high RANK. You have to be careful when using it.

- dave

Hans Wenzel wrote:
Hi alan

I will have a look (our cluster is down right now) But even if the user has a very high priority one would have to wait until the current jobs are finished. What I was thinking of was a way to let you run the test right away e.g. having and extra vm on the machines that would just be available for the high proiority users and would only be used for non intrusive test jobs.

cheers hans

Alan De Smet wrote:

Hans Wenzel <wenzel@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
I need some advice. What I want to implement is something like
a special queue for administrators. It would give us immediate
access to all the nodes to test things.

Have you looked at using startd RANK setting and expression to
give these users a higher priority?  You could give a bonus to
particular job Owners, perhaps further limiting it to those jobs
for which some special flag is set.  For example, to give the
users adesmet and sample a higher priority if they add
"+HighPriority=TRUE" to their submit files:

# This gives adesmet and sample a boost of 100 in rank.
IsHighPriorityUser = (Owner == "adesmet" || Owner == "sample")
RANK = (($(IsHighPriorityUser) && Target.HighPriority) * 100)

This is a pretty simple solution; more complex ones are also

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