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[Condor-users] General file stage-in Condor-G


I would like to do file stage-in in Condor-G, 
such that the source file is not on the file 
system local to Condor-G, but on a remote 
GridFTP server. 

Condor-G supports staging-in files from the 
submit machine to a GT4 Grid Resource, e.g., 

  transfer_input_files = /path/to/file

is translated by Condor-G to 



which works well since Condor-G starts a local 
GridFTP server.

Assume now that the input file is on another machine 
with a GridFTP service, call it FILESERVER. 
Then I would like to have the semantics of

  transfer_input_files = gsiftp://FILESERVER/path/to/file 

but Condor does not allow the value of transfer_input_file 
to be the URL of a remote file. 

Is there another way to achieve this functionality?

Thank you.