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Re: [Condor-users] General file stage-in Condor-G

Previously Gabriel Mateescu wrote:

> Hi,
> The problem I have with this approach is that,
> for Globus 4, I need to pass within
> <fileStageine> the <transferCredentialEndpoint>
> element which points to a delegation
> service resource on the target GRAM.
> However, when the job is submitted,
> Condor-G matchmaking has not been done yet,
> so the host/container running the delegation
> service is not yet known.
> (snip)
>  2. For globus_xml = <fileStageIn>...</fileStageIn>
>     one can specify a remote file, but it cannot be
>     used with matchmaking since the client must
>     specify <transferCredentialEndpoint> and
>     at the time the job is submitted this is
>     not known (unless the job is bound to a
>     certain GT 4 resource, i.e., no matchmaking).

Perhaps you can solve this problem by using the $$() macro in the
globus_xml expression in your submit file?  This would allow
globus_xml to contain values from the matched resource (see
manual).  Seems like what you want.


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