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Re: [Condor-users] killing globus-job-managers

Steven Timm wrote:
> On Wed, 19 Jul 2006, Michael Thomas wrote:
>>My question:  Is it ok to start arbitrarily killing some of these g-j-m
>>processes?  What effect will it have on the corresponding jobs?
> I usually look to see if the corresponding job has exited the queue 
> already.  If so, there's no harm in killing it.
> Even if the job hasn't exited, condor-g will restart another
> jobmanager when it needs to.
>>Would it be better/equivalent to condor_rm some of the g-j-m jobs (which
>>are easily identified by their command:  data --dest-url=http://...)?
>>What effect will condor_rm'ing these jobs have for the user?
> These are grid monitor jobs.  they should never under any circumstance
> last more than one hour.  If they do something is really wrong.
> Cancelling them it will have no effect on whether the user's jobs execute 
> or not, just on what is reported to his condor-g client.

I currently have hundreds of the grid monitor jobs sitting idle in the
queue, where the corresponding process (as reported in
/var/log/messages) has gone away.  I assume it's safe to kill these?