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Re: [Condor-users] Starting condor_master on boot

Yes and no...

using hostname.local was going to be a future problem for me anyway since the
Novell OES installation is within VMWare and we want to duplicate the image and
run it on multiple nodes as a virtual linux overlay on top of our existing
windows pool - meaning we need a standard non-hostname specific condor
installation in the image allowing us to assign ip addresses to new condor linux
nodes using dhcp.

As for altering startup script priorities, I presume I would alter something in
the condor file in /etc/init.s - but what ?

Thanks again



Dr James Osborne, BSc (hons), PhD
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Wales UK
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>>> epaulson@xxxxxxxxxxx 20/07/2006 16:55 >>>
On Thu, Jul 20, 2006 at 04:23:36PM +0100, James Osborne wrote:
> Hi Ian
> I managed it, it was a booting sequence problem i.e. when condor starts it
> trying to look in "linux.local" picking up the hostname before it is
> using DHCP to "hostname.local" where the files actually reside; and
> a configuration problem.  Your instructions confirmed I was doing the right
> thing before, so I...
> 1) Moved the directories from linux.local up a level to the
> directory (solving DHCP issue)
> 2) Altered the condor_config file to contain the variables I wanted
> 3) Put the config file in /opt/condor-6.6.11/etc/condor_config
> 4) Altered your init.d script to point to the appropriate locations
> The moral of the story is that if your machines use DHCP to reassign the
> hostname, running condor_configure --install --type=execute
> --central-manager=hostname... --owner=condor doesn't configure things
> apropriately, sure condor will run when invoked from a shell post boot and
> assign, but a little rearranging is needed to get around the issue when the
> condor init.d runs before dhcp...

Wouldn't it be better to just have the condor startup script run after DHCP,
since Condor depends on the network working?

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