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Re: [Condor-users] Starting condor_master on boot

On Fri, Jul 21, 2006 at 09:35:22AM +0100, James Osborne wrote:
> As for altering startup script priorities, I presume I would alter something in
> the condor file in /etc/init.s - but what ?

I think he meant to refer to the symlink pointing to /etc/init.d/condor
from your default runlevel.  On many Linux systems, that would be
/etc/rcX.d/Sxxcondor, where the X is either 3 or 5, and the xx is a
number from 01 to 99.  By changing the numeric portion of the symlink's
name, you effect when it's called in relation to othe other symlinks.

For example, suppose your system runs at runlevel 3 by default, and you

  /etc/rc3.d/S45condor -> ../init.d/condor
  /etc/rc3.d/S50foo -> ../init.d/foo

In this situation, "condor" would be started before "foo".

"mv S45condor S51condor" would make it so that condor is started just
after the "foo" service.

Not all Linux systems handle their init scripts this way (Gentoo is a
notable exception), but hopefully this is helpful....