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[Condor-users] Text missing from 6.7.20 manual

The following text is missing from the 'New Features:' section of 'Version 6.7.19' in the Version History and Release Notes of the 6.7.20 PDF manual:
  • For Condor’s auto-clustering of jobs for matchmaking, numerical job attributes can now be rounded to improving clustering. Add the following to your configuration file: SCHEDD ROUND ATTR <foo> = X, where <foo> is the attribute to round and X is the number of decimal places to round. Rounding always rounds UP. So to round a value up to the nearest 100, set X = 2. The actual, non-rounded value will also be stored in the job ad as an attribute named <foo> RAW.
    The following are set by default:

    SCHEDD_ROUND_ATTR_ImageSize = 4
    SCHEDD_ROUND_ATTR_ExecutableSize = 4
    SCHEDD_ROUND_ATTR_DiskUsage = 4

    Thus, the above attributes are all rounded up from kbytes to the nearest 10 megabytes.
and from the 'Bugs Fixed:' section:
  • When auto-clustering jobs for matchmaking, ensure that the job’s Requirements _expression_ is always considered significant.
  • On Windows, when Condor was running as a normal user (i.e. not as local system), sending a soft-kill (i.e. WM_CLOSE message) to a user job would always fail. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed a couple bugs that could cause the condor master to crash on a shut-down or restart.
The text was there in the 6.7.19 manual.

Also, the following has been added to t
he 'New Features:' section of 'Version 6.7.19' in the Version History and Release Notes of the 6.7.20 manual that was not there in the 6.7.19 manual:
  • Added configuration variable SCHEDD ROUND ATTR <xxxx>. See description in section 3.3.10 on page 170.
and following has been added to the 'Bugs Fixed:' section:
  • Fixed a bug where condor_q would exit with a non-zero exit status even though it found and displayed the requested information or job queue.
  • Fixed a related bug in condor stats that could cause a crash when encountering a machine state of “Backfill”.
  • Fixed a bug on Win32 that caused a failure when sending a WM CLOSE message to a job when the Condor daemons are running as a normal user (i.e. not running as LocalSystem). Also, fixed a thread handle leak when sending a WM CLOSE message.
  • On Win32, fixed a bug that would cause the condor master to exit upon a condor restart command when started as a service with a service name other than ”condor” (the default name used by the installer).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the condor master to crash when sending a shutdown fast to a child process after the SHUTDOWN GRACEFUL TIMEOUT timeout expired.
  • Fixed a bug with automatically setting the undocumented SIGNIFICANT ATTRIBUTES configuration parameter in order to speed up negotiation—previously, the job’s Requirements _expression_ was not correctly considered. With certain scheduling policy expressions, this bug could have resulted in jobs staying idle in the queue when they should have been launched.
The Version History is inconsistent. There should be no changes in the 'Version 6.7.19' section of the 6.7.20 manual. It makes life difficult to search for something that you thought was added in a release but then can't find it because the text has been removed in the notes of a later release.

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