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Re: [Condor-users] Only in Idle!!


You haven't provided enough information for people on the list to help you. Try posting the output from



  condor_analyze [job number]

condor_status, without the submitter flag, will show us the current state of the execute nodes, and condor_analyze will try to tell you why a job is not running.

- dave

mgm@xxxxxxx wrote:
   Hi people,

my jobs are only "Idle". Samebody knows why? The binary was tested and is
running OK in the master but in shell, not in submitter.

[condor@m subm]$ condor_status -submitter

Name             Machine      Running IdleJobs HeldJobs

condor@xxxxx	m.don         0        1        0
mon@xxxxx	m.don         0        8        0
teste@xxxxx	m.don         0        4        0

                           RunningJobs       IdleJobs           HeldJobs

condor@xxxxx                 0                  1                  0
mon@xxxxx                    0                  8                  0
teste@xxxxx                  0                  4                  0

               Total         0                 13                  0


   Marcelo Giovani

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