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Re: [Condor-users] Text missing from 6.7.20 manual

At 07:47 PM 7/23/2006, Andrew Stubbings wrote:

The Version History is inconsistent. There should be no changes in the 'Version 6.7.19' section of the 6.7.20 manual. It makes life difficult to search for something that you thought was added in a release but then can't find it because the text has been removed in the notes of a later release.

Hi Andrew -

If you _look carefully_, the changes made to the version history for 6.7.19 in the 6.7.20 manual were all syntax and not semantic. All the same bugs and new features were listed, just some were reworded for improved clarity of brevity. For example, the attribute rounding new feature entry was re-worded to be more concise and point to the relevant section of the manual that has more details.

However, you do make a very valid point: you should not be forced to "look carefully" in the first place.

Thus in the future we will abstain from making even syntax changes to the version history entries of previous releases, in order to avoid frustration like you encountered.

Our apologies, and thanks for the feedback,

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