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Re: [Condor-users] shared condor config files and condor_reconfig

> What happens when all nodes in the cluster would share the
> same CONDOR_CONFIG file, through NFS.  When that file
> is changed, would a condor_reconfig on the master automatically
> propagate the configuration out to each of the startds, or
> does condor_reconfig still have to be executed on each node
> independently?  (Presuming a change that affected the startd was

Yes and no. The call to condor_reconfig -all would tell all the daemons
in the system to re-read their configuration files. Since the configs
are shared this propagates any changes to you made the shared files to
all the daemons. In your other scenario you had to edit each machine's
configuration file. You could have still run condor_reconfig -all to
enable the changes once you had done all the edits to enable the changes
on all your machines.

> What about a condor_reconfig -all?  Will that work in the
> case of shared config file as well as non-shared ones?

Yes, this works in both cases. The only difference is how many config
files you have to edit before you call this command. If your daemons
read their config files from an NFS share you only have to edit one file
before calling this command. If they read their config files from local
disk you have to edit all the config files on all the machines before
calling condor_reconfig -all.

It's worth noting that not all config changes can be initiated with
condor_reconfig. Changing DAEMON_LIST for example requires a full

- Ian