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[Condor-users] Hopefully a newbie question :-)

I am new to Condor and am not a Windows network guru. That being said I was a software engineer once upon a time so hope I can understand any direction provided.


I am having a problem with authentication in Windows. I have a central manager (Windows XP) and have one client (Windows XP)in the pool with the name of ‘nikki’. I can see condor_status from nikki, but when I try to submit a job (trying one of the examples) I have no credentials. I have modified the configuration file on the central manager to include nikki under HOSTALLOW_READ and HOSTALLOW_WRITE, reconfig'd, restarted and rebooted all machines and I still get a 'Failure occurred' message when I try to run condor_store_cred add.


In addition a new problem encountered is that when I execute a condor_restart sometimes it kills all the daemons, but does not restart them?


Also I am getting a new error when I run the condor_status on the central manager that the collector is not responding. I have read a warning in the collector log that says the machine is running on the loopback address of


Another is that when I run condor_q from Nikki I get a ‘Failed to fetch ads from: <> : nikki’ error. I am hoping this is just a byproduct of the authentication problem. condor_status from Nikki returns nothing.


If it affects the configuration I am running both machines on a Belkin wireless router. Also it is a home configuration running off Comcast broadband with a static IP. No specific domain name so I have also tried IP addresses, although I believe the Belkin assigns them dynamically.


Any help is much appreciated. I have read the security section in the manual, but there is not a lot of information for Windows and related troubleshooting.





P.S. I have seen many posts from Senthil Natarajan, is this Senthil that worked under Paul on NetBoost software at Intel in NM??? If so a big hello to you!!!