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Re: [Condor-users] Condor-G for multiple Grid Types


you should use grid_resource attribute instead:
grid_resource   = $$(resource_name)

and publish resource_name to the matchmaker, for example:
resource_name  = "gt2 grid.example.com/jobmanager-pbs"
resource_name  = "gt4 grid.example.com PBS"

(as the documentation says: http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/manual/v6.7/5_3Grid_Universe.html#SECTION00637000000000000000)

I'm using Condor-G Matchmaking with mix of GT2 & GT4 resources and it works fine.


Gabriel Mateescu wrote:
I am using Condor-G as a metascheduler.
I would like to allow my Grid jobs to be matched against Grid resources of multiple types, for example, I would like to allow a job to be dispatched either to a GT2 or a GT4 resource.
But if I set in the job classAd:

   universe = grid
   grid_type = $$(grid_type)

then condor_submit rejects the job with

  ERROR: Invalid value '$$(grid_type)' for grid_type
Must be one of: globus, gt2, gt3, gt4, condor, nordugrid, unicore, or oracle

Is this a limitation of the current version of Condor (I am running Condor 6.7.17) ? Or is there a reason for not allowing grid_type to be part of matchmaking?

Thank you.

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