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Re: [Condor-users] swap space problem

On 6/7/06, dan dobie <dandobie@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am having the same problem with Condor 6.6.10 on Fedora Core 5. Is there a way of allotting enough SWAP to Condor to prevent the limit being reached. I am told it is impossible to configure SWAP from the local_config only to set a SWAP reserve, but my Fedora Core does not allot any virtual memory at all.

I have set RESERVED_SWAP to O but still receive the message that there is not enough SWAP in the SCHEDD log.

I am investigating DOS commands that manage the Virtual Memory and would greatly appreciate advice.


Dan Dobie

I had the same problem with Fedora Core 4 and Condor 6.6.11. I added this line to the condor_config file:

RESERVED_SWAP           = 0

And it worked.

To be sure, add the same line to the condor_config.local file.

After any change, you have to restart condor daemons on all machines.

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