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Re: [Condor-users] Condor-G for multiple Grid Types


condor_submit will automatically insert in the job classAD

   x509userproxy = VALUE_OF_ENV_VAR_X509_USER_PROXY

for several cases such as

   universe  = grid
   grid_type = gt4
   grid_resource = gt4 $$(gatekeeper_url) $$(job_manager_type)

but not for

   universe  = grid
   grid_type = gt4
   grid_resource = $$(resource_name)

so it looks like I need to write a wrapper around condor_submit
which will do the insertion.

you're absolutely right here, Condor should add this attribute (either by using default path or env variable).

Since I install development versions as they're released, at certain point (around 6.7.15 or 16) I got the same error as you. From that point I simply assumed that this attribute is mandatory and started adding it to all job scripts. Never bothered to dig a little deeper. Let's hope that next release will solve this problem...