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Re: [Condor-users] condor-G question

On Thu, 2006-06-08 at 11:07, Steven Timm wrote:

Also where do I find out what the status values mean in


i.e, status 2 is probably running job, but what does status 8 mean?

Thanks for the status values below.  So why would Condor-G still
not show the grid/gt2 universe job as done, if globus is reporting it
as done?  What is getting confused on the way back?



Here are the Globus job states which I picked from a web
page a while ago:

Value     Name      Description
 1      PENDING    The job is waiting for resources
                   to become available to run

 2      ACTIVE     The job has received resources and the
                   application is executing

 4      FAILED     The job terminated before completion

 8      DONE       The job completed successfully

16     SUSPENDED   The job has been suspended.

32     UNSUBMITTED The job has not been submitted to the
                   scheduler yet

64     STAGE_IN    The job manager is staging in files
                   to run the job

128     STAGE_OUT   The job manager is staging out files
                   generated by the job


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