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[Condor-users] some problems running condor in colinux?

Dear All

we are trying to run condor in colunx. we are using condor 6.6.10 version and colinux is using "bridge" for networking. the iP address of colinux is using a campus wide ip address, and windows side is a public ip address. in colinux, we can ping central manager, and central manager can also ping colinux. ssh is also fine. we try tcpdump and tcptraceroute, both way seems fine. However, when we start condor_master (colinux is running sched and startd). condor_status can not see this colinux machine. (from colinux, we still can submit jobs to others).

I check the Collector log, it only inserted scheddAd, no StartdAd had been inserted!!!!

then, we try manually update startad using condor_advertise, it works. we can see this new colinux machine using condor_status, but this colinux node can not executing jobs.

so, our question is: 1. what happend when we start condor client, how Classad works in order to update information in collector? how to to see the original ClassAd or StartAd (the one before publish to collector), we just want to knwo waht's wrong here.

2. Does Colinux need some information from windows (CPU LOAD..etc) in order to writing StartAd correctly?

3. is there any network configuration has to be done?

4. should we use condor 6.7 version and using GCB...etc in order to fix this probem if we are using bridge already?

thank you all so much fro any suggestion!!

Best regard!