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Re: [Condor-users] Condor, Windows, Globus, Java

[Jaime Frey]
> Most of the grid protocols have no special support for java. You'd have to specify the jvm as your executable. Condor-C is a notable exception.
My understanding is 
a) When we mention path to Java.exe in condor configure file then its the universe = java which is most important and that is why we don't mention java in executable. [Condor picks up java.exe from the path mentioned on the executing machine]
b) Executable file/s is/are transferred to the executing machine.
So when you say that 'You'd have to specify jvm as your executable'  [in case of grid universe] do you mean
a) java.exe (and files that it depends upon, if any) will be transferred to the executing machine ?
b) I read somewhere that when condor is transferring files it uses its base64(?) coding that increases the sizes of file to 33%. If that's true then my question is does that hold true for the executable files as well or not?
Could you put me right please.