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Re: [Condor-users] Newbie ?s

> However, when I try to execute the instruction "sh
> /opt/condor-6.7.19/sbin/condor_master" as indicated at
> http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/manual/v6.7.19/3_2Installation.
> html#SECTION00426000000000000000, I get an error message
> saying "binary file cannot be executed".

The file sbin/condor_master is a binary executable not a shell script.
This is a daemon program meant to be run from a SysV init script in
/etc/init.d -- it'll fork itself into the background and run there.

> 1) Would this be caused by the Core 4 version I selected?  Is there
> a Core 5 version available anywhere?

I'm 99% certain you should be fine with the Core 4 files. There might be
problems if you're trying to do checkpointing. But vanilla jobs should
run fine.

> 2) Also, the "<release_dir>/etc/condor_config" file indicated on the
> aforementioned web page, is in my "/opt/condor-6.7.19/sbin" directory.

> What problems will this cause?

You'll have to edit the condor_config file and make sure RELASE_DIR and
LOCAL_DIR are set to /opt/condor-6.7.19. Should be near the top of the
file. You might want to scan it for any other paths but changing those
two should cover it.

> 3) Should I use the RPM command to install Condor in the Terminal
> window? If so, can someone give me the exact syntaxt to install
> in my "/opt/" directory?

Personally I never bother with the RPMs. The .tar.gz bundles are easy to
install. Condor is fairly self contained. It doesn't go dropping .so
files and .man files all over the place.

- Ian