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[Condor-users] Problems with Condor user accounts

Hi All,


Please could someone offer advice relating to the dynamic user accounts that Condor uses on Windows and issues that maybe causing them not to start up correctly.  I’m sure this is a silly permissions error, I just don’t know where else to look.



Snippet from ShadowLog on Submit Node


6/21 09:41:31 (17.0) (1164): ERROR "Can no longer talk to condor_starter on execute machine (" at line 63 in file ..\src\condor_shadow.V6.1\NTreceivers.C


Snippet from StarterLog


6/21 09:41:31 Using dynamic user account.

6/21 09:41:31 Dynuser: Couldn't param VM# - using 1 by default

6/21 09:41:31 dynuser: Re-enabling account (condor-reuse-vm1)

6/21 09:41:31 Error enabling account condor-reuse-vm1

6/21 09:41:31 Error setting password on account condor-reuse-vm1

6/21 09:41:31 LogonUser(condor-reuse-vm1, ... ) failed with status 13266/21 09:41:31 ERROR "Failed to create a user nobody" at line 348 in file ..\src\condor_c++_util\uids.C

6/21 09:41:31 ShutdownFast all jobs.

6/21 09:41:31 Got ShutdownFast when no jobs running.

6/21 09:41:31 Error disabling account condor-reuse-vm1 (INVALID PARAMETER)



I’ve given the Local Service account the following permissions in the Local Security Policy:


Act as Part of the Operating System

Create a token object

Replace a process level token

Logon as a Service


But I still appear to have this problem.  Can anybody offer any advice?


Kind Regards,


Shaun O’Callaghan