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[Condor-users] problems about submiting java job

   I have several problems about submiting jobs on condor.
   First, when I submit a job to execute HelloWorld like examples in Condor Website.
    universe =java
    executable = HelloWorld.class
    arguments =HelloWorld
  should_transfer_files = yes
   when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
   output = output.out
   err = output.err
It seems the job has completed using condor_q,but I can't finding any information about it in Condor_history.Also,the output is null.
   Anther problem is the file like this
   universe =java
   executable = WordFrequence.class
   arguments = WordFrequence
   should_transfer_files = yes
   when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
   transfer_input_files = 1.txt
   transfer_output_files = output.txt
   output = Word.out
   err = Word.err
   The 1.txt was used in WordFrequency.class
   when I submit the job ,it's status always be idle.
   What's wrong?
   By the way ,if I want the 1.txt to be a argument of the WordFrequence.class. How can I modify the cmd file?
  I will really appreciate any help with regards to those.