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Re: [Condor-users] howto avoid that a job is being evicted

I have the same problem and could not get an answer neither by googling or by going through the
available documentation.Let me know if you find anything.

On 3/2/06, van Pee <pee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

is this question such trival that I should found it in the manual?
Or is it such complicated that no one can answer it?

Because of pipes we must run our jobs mostly in the vanilla universe,
if a job is evicted this means it is restarted. In most cases (all I know)
the restart fails. Therefore it is no good idea to evicte a job which
has run
for roughly a day.

Beside of this problem condor works great. The distribution of jobs to
free nodes
alone improves the performance of our cluster much.
At the moment we have heavy load. If a user have to wait its nothing
else as before we use condor
If a user lose a job, the system administrator is guilty!

Thanks for you help

Harald van Pee wrote:

>Hi all,
>I just saw the following in the ShadowLog
>3/1 22:25:34 (770.0) (22282): Job 770.0 is being evicted
>3/1 22:25:34 (770.0) (22282): **** condor_shadow (condor_SHADOW) EXITING WITH
>can anybody explain what happens? I have tried to avoid that any job is being
>evicted. There are still enough vm available and I use the following in the
>condor_config.local of each machine.
>RELEASE_DIR = /condor/home/condor-6.6.10
>KILL           = False
>WANT_VACATE    = False
>do I miss something or is there any serious problem occoured? How can I found
>out what happens?
>With Best Regards
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