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Re: [Condor-users] howto avoid that a job is being evicted

On Wed, 1 Mar 2006, Harald van Pee wrote:

can anybody explain what happens? I have tried to avoid that any job is being
evicted. There are still enough vm available and I use the following in the
condor_config.local of each machine.

RELEASE_DIR = /condor/home/condor-6.6.10
KILL           = False
WANT_VACATE    = False

do I miss something or is there any serious problem occoured? How can I found
out what happens?

If you want to *COMPLETELY* disable preemption, as well as

	- setting PREEMPT to FALSE on each execute machine,

you also need to

	- set RANK to 0 (its default) - or, in fact set RANK to any
	   *constant* number - on each execute machine,

and to

	- set PREEMPTION_REQUIREMENTS to FALSE on your central manager.

See Section (Disabling Preemption) in the V6.6.10 manual, or Section (Disabling Preemption) in the V6.7 series manual if using the 6.7 series:

For Condor 6.6.10:

For Condor 6.7:

Note that in the 6.7 series (from 6.7.1 onwards) there's a different way of "disabling" preemption - as described in the V6.7 manual - you just set a "long" MaxJobRetirementTime...

	-- Bruce

P.S. By default, Condor doesn't use (or need) a "VACATE" configuration
     file macro, so you don't need to set "VACATE =" in your
     condor_config.local file unless (possibly) you are using it for
     something elsewhere in your configuration files.

Bruce Beckles,
e-Science Specialist,
University of Cambridge Computing Service.