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Re: [Condor-users] Library access problem

An aside: I think that people should not link with shared libraries when they distribute code to be run on other computers. This sort of problem crops up all the time. Even worse, people sometimes find the wrong libraries without realizing it.

how do i get that back into my home directory.

I'm assuming you have NFS, since you said you did.

Option 1: Submit your job in a particular subdirectory, tell the program to use the "current directory" for output, and the output will simply be there.

Option 2: If you're submitting lots of jobs, you can use the InitialDir option in your submit file to tell condor which subdirectory to run in.

i know how to redirect output into the file but i dont know how to instruct condor to place the resultant output file in a particular directory?

Condor doesn't place the output file anywhere: your application does.