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Re: [Condor-users] Master won't start

On 2006/03/09 15:50, Steve Huston wrote:
> On 2006/03/09 12:55, Erik Paulson wrote:
>> Is your config file in NFS? Do you have root squash turned on?
> Yes, and yes.  All owned by the condor user and world readable.
> ~condor/condor_config is a symlink to ~condor/etc/condor_config.  This
> is how we had it setup on the other machine which was the master; the
> only differences are the architecture, the OS version (RH9 vs FC3) and
> the fact that before we were running NIS, now we use LDAP.

Hate replying to myself, but..

I just tried running this on the old machine, changing only the
condor_config (to say the old machine is now the master) and setting up
the local config directories again for the old machine, and it runs
fine.  This seems to tell me the issue is more related to either the
Opteron system, or FC3, but not LDAP or the NFS home directory.  Though
I could be wrong, it's happened many times before :>

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