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Re: [Condor-users] Problems with visualizing

You might want to try the graphviz site:




There are examples and more details on the .dot file format and the dot tool to had there.


- Ian


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David E. Konerding wrote:

now it is working! I can create a ps-file! 
But I hardly can see the picture. It's extremely broad and it still looks
scewed up (some of the ellipses are not connected). Can I specify some option
to 'dot' to create a letter-format picture or something like that? How shall I
go to print it? I tried to convert it into a pdf, but this showed only a very
small fraction of the entire DAG (three jobs out of about 20). Any ideas?
The manpage for dot explains all the details on how to modify graph, 
edge and node attributes to make the
graph render more nicely.

I tried to use the different options given, but it still does not solve my problem. I get a plot which is 20 times longer than it is tall, even when specifying 'size="200,200"' or something! Also, there are some nodes plotted alone even they have a parent job! I also tried the option 'ratio=1' but then my computer almost crashes. when trying to look at the ps-file.
Is there nobody who can tell me how to create a nice plot from the dot-file which I am able to print? The manpage for dot absolutely does not help me. Maybe something else is screwed up in my dot-file? I don't know. The dot-file is attached.

I would appreciate some help very, very much!

Alexander Dietz

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