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Re: [Condor-users] intel amd binaries : how to submit ?

Yes, thats true...
coz in my lab there are 2 64 bit AMD processors and 2 32 bit AMD processors( im not sure if they are opteron or athlon or some other amd chip version)...
the 2 64 bit machines are listed as x86 _64 while the 2 32 bit amd machines are listed as INTEL in the output of condor_status command.

Steven Timm <timm@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

AMD opteron machines only show up as X86_64 if you
are running the 64 bit kernel, else they register as intel.
As far as I know that's the only hook that condor has got, relying
on the output of uname. If you wanted fancier architectures I think
you would have to do something in the classad.

As you say, there's always the good old shell script trick,
/proc/cpuinfo should tell ! all you need to know.


On Fri, 17 Mar 2006, Danny N. wrote:

> Hi Nicolas and Greg,
> Correct me if i'm wrong but I beleive that an AMD
> machine will appear on your "condor_status" as an
> intel machine. I currently have a machine on my pool
> with a AMD sempron processor (which I belive just
> about supports all of the intel instruction set) and
> it just shows up as an "INTEL" machine. Nicolas if
> what Greg suggested doesn't work, I suggest taking a
> look how to add to your class-ad list. By doing so you
> can specify unique attributes to your machines which
> in turn can help you decided what, where, and how to
> run things.
> Cheers
> Danny N.
> New Mexico State University
> --- Greg Thain wrote:
>> Nicolas GUIOT wrote:
>>> Hi all
>>> We ha! ve some program with specific compil options
>> for AMD or Intel processors. I would like to submit
>> the jobs to my pool so that it can go on any
>> machine, then according to the CPU, it starts the
>> correct binary program : can I specify this in the
>> submit file (if yes, How ?), or do I have to trick
>> with some shell program to do that ?
>>> Thanks in advance
>>> Nicolas
>> If you have two binaries, you can name them
>> program.X86_64
>> and
>> program.INTEL
>> and in your submit file, specify your executable as
>> executable = program.$(ARCH)
>> -greg
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