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Re: [Condor-users] Newbie question about Perl programs

On 3/21/06, Darin Kalisak <whognu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I guess that what I'm confused about is why it won't just execute the
> line myProg.pl, when it is a recognizable command as far as Windows is
> concerned.  That is, I've associated the .pl extension with the Perl
> interpreter, and so Perl files run like executables from command
> prompts within Windows.

This association s likely a per user setting on the machine. you may
not be able to set it for the executing user easily.
Likewise this may be what happens on an interactive cmd prompt - but
that is no guarantee that this is the behaviour used by windows when
you try to programmatically do the equivalent with runas...

> I'll look into the USER_JOB_WRAPPER and the pl2bat ideas.  The batch
> files I tried work, but they require more care in writing the submit
> file (one more file to pass, etc.), and one additional level of
> interaction to muddle the logic.

It is a pain - there really is no way round it on windows (barring
some pretty nasty internal changes to windows - someone may know how
to do this. I certainly don't)

> Is this why there is a separate Java universe?  Is it otherwise
> difficult to submit a job with executable "java.exe", and program name
> and command line parameters as arguments?

Basically in one way yes - I don't think *nix defines a nice sha-bang
style behaviour for java, though I could be wrong.
There are other ereasons for this though - condor runs things via a
wrapper class which executes your classes main method. This in theory
provides all sorts of possibilites (like transparent checkpointing /
nice signalling etc.[1]) in practice it pretty much just nicely avoids
a lot of the hassles that otherwise would have to be dealt with
regarding java command line params, spotting which version was
running, where the java home dir was etc...


[1] none of these exist as any thing other than ideas or research
projects to the best of my knowledge