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Re: [Condor-users] Newbie question about Perl programs

Thanks for the additional info.  Is it fair to say, then, that for
technical reasons, only .bat and .exe files can be submitted to condor
as executables in a Vanilla Windows environment?

>This association s likely a per user setting on the machine. you may
>not be able to set it for the executing user easily.

Oddly, the batch file I submitted that did work *was* able to call the
program as an executable.  (I'm not arguing the point, just making an
observation.  My ignorace about OS inner workings is monumental.)  I'm
eager to try adding a Linux machine to my pool.  Maybe I can use it to
convince the powers that be to start buying more of them.

On 3/21/06, Matt Hope <matthew.hope@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 3/21/06, Darin Kalisak <whognu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I guess that what I'm confused about is why it won't just execute the
> > line myProg.pl, when it is a recognizable command as far as Windows is
> > concerned.  That is, I've associated the .pl extension with the Perl
> > interpreter, and so Perl files run like executables from command
> > prompts within Windows.
> This association s likely a per user setting on the machine. you may
> not be able to set it for the executing user easily.
> Likewise this may be what happens on an interactive cmd prompt - but
> that is no guarantee that this is the behaviour used by windows when
> you try to programmatically do the equivalent with runas...
> > I'll look into the USER_JOB_WRAPPER and the pl2bat ideas.  The batch
> > files I tried work, but they require more care in writing the submit
> > file (one more file to pass, etc.), and one additional level of
> > interaction to muddle the logic.
> It is a pain - there really is no way round it on windows (barring
> some pretty nasty internal changes to windows - someone may know how
> to do this. I certainly don't)
> > Is this why there is a separate Java universe?  Is it otherwise
> > difficult to submit a job with executable "java.exe", and program name
> > and command line parameters as arguments?
> Basically in one way yes - I don't think *nix defines a nice sha-bang
> style behaviour for java, though I could be wrong.
> There are other ereasons for this though - condor runs things via a
> wrapper class which executes your classes main method. This in theory
> provides all sorts of possibilites (like transparent checkpointing /
> nice signalling etc.[1]) in practice it pretty much just nicely avoids
> a lot of the hassles that otherwise would have to be dealt with
> regarding java command line params, spotting which version was
> running, where the java home dir was etc...
> Matt
> [1] none of these exist as any thing other than ideas or research
> projects to the best of my knowledge
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