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[Condor-users] port ranges for Condor-G

A condor installation has

export GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE="20000,25000"
before condor_master is started and
HIGHPORT = 35000
LOWPORT = 30000
in the config.

Nevertheless the gahp server can start up on >35000,e.g.
tcp        0      0 *:36000                     *:*                         
LISTEN      23985/gahp_server   
tcp        0      0 *:35998                     *:*                         
LISTEN      23985/gahp_server

and thus be invisible(firewalled) to the gatekeepers.

Please can someone give the definitive guide - there is some conflicting 
information in the mailing list(some of it from me).


Rod Walker +1 6042913051