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[Condor-users] multiple VM problem


We have dual cpu nodes in our condor pool. Some of these run an older version of Linux (RH 7.1), and these take two user jobs as shown below There is a user process on each cpu here. CondorVersion is 6.6.5 and platforms are all Intel/Linux

vm1 Claimed/Busy/LoadAv=1.000/Mem=502 vm2 Claimed/Busy/loadAv=1.020/Mem=502

When I upgrade the nodes (Scientific Linux 3), the behaviour changes, condor_config being unchanged. The VM that is running the user process shows up as vm2 below, while the vm that has no LoadAv shows up as Busy.

vm1 Claimed/Busy/LoadAv=0.000/Mem=500 vm2 Owner/Idle/LoadAv=1.000/Mem=500

Refering to the vm1 just above, its classads are as show here below.

CpuBusy = ((LoadAvg - CondorLoadAvg) >= 0.500000)
CondorLoadAvg = 0.000000
LoadAvg = 0.000000
TotalLoadAvg = 1.000000     --this from the other vm which has LoadAv=1
TotalCondorLoadAvg = 0.000000
CpuBusyTime = 0
CpuIsBusy = FALSE
State = "Claimed"
Activity = "Busy"
Start = (((LoadAvg - CondorLoadAvg) <= 0.300000) || (State != "Unclaimed" && State != "Owner"))
Requirements = START

Why is there this mismatch - CpuisBusy="FALSE" and Activity=Busy? The Loadaverages indicate that a procss can start, but something makes the Activity="Busy". How do I find out why one vm is always Busy, which was now so before the OS upgrade?

Similarly, if HT is enabled in BIOS, there are 4 vm's on a node. Two of these are Claimed/Busy (Loadav=0) and the other two are Owner/Idle (doing user process, LoadAv=1).

Thanks in advance for any help on this



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