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Re: [Condor-users] multiple VM problem


Off the top of my head, I can't think of any reason for this change in behavior. When you say "user process" you are referring to a job run by Condor on behalf of a user, right? You are not talking about processes run by users outside of Condor. Just want to be sure I understand.

You could try adding D_LOAD in your STARTD_DEBUG settings. This will show extra information about what's going on while monitoring system load.


On May 8, 2006, at 12:46 PM, P. Nagaraj wrote:


We have dual cpu nodes in our condor pool. Some of these run an older
version of Linux (RH 7.1), and these take two user jobs as shown below
There is a user process on each cpu here. CondorVersion is 6.6.5 and
platforms are all Intel/Linux

vm1 Claimed/Busy/LoadAv=1.000/Mem=502
vm2 Claimed/Busy/loadAv=1.020/Mem=502

When I upgrade the nodes (Scientific Linux 3), the behaviour changes,
condor_config being unchanged. The VM that is running the user process
shows up as vm2 below, while the vm that has no LoadAv shows up as Busy.

vm1  Claimed/Busy/LoadAv=0.000/Mem=500
vm2  Owner/Idle/LoadAv=1.000/Mem=500

Refering to the vm1 just above, its classads are as show here below.

CpuBusy = ((LoadAvg - CondorLoadAvg) >= 0.500000)
CondorLoadAvg = 0.000000
LoadAvg = 0.000000
TotalLoadAvg = 1.000000     --this from the other vm which has LoadAv=1
TotalCondorLoadAvg = 0.000000
CpuBusyTime = 0
CpuIsBusy = FALSE
State = "Claimed"
Activity = "Busy"
Start = (((LoadAvg - CondorLoadAvg) <= 0.300000) || (State != "Unclaimed"
&& State != "Owner"))
Requirements = START

Why is there this mismatch - CpuisBusy="FALSE" and Activity=Busy?
The Loadaverages indicate that a procss can start, but something makes the
Activity="Busy". How do I find out why one vm is always Busy, which was
now so before the OS upgrade?

Similarly, if HT is enabled in BIOS, there are 4 vm's on a node. Two of
these are Claimed/Busy (Loadav=0) and the other two are Owner/Idle (doing
user process, LoadAv=1).

Thanks in advance for any help on this


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