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[Condor-users] rendered image output problem


I just got condor to render out some frames with
blender, using 2 windows xp service pack 2 machines.

The problem that i am having is the frames (jpg files)
that are rendered out are "lost" after the job
finishes, i would expect them to be copied back to the
location of the .sub file, but it seems this is not
the case. 

You can watch the images be generated in
condor/execute/temp folder but then they just get

 I have tried pointing the files to a shared drive
from inside the blender file but whenever i do this it
just starts then exits real quick.

If i run the same blender file from a batch file or
command line, it will write the files correctly to the

Here is my submit file.

# Part 1
universe = vanilla
# update the path as required -
environment = path=C:\Program Files\Blender
should_transfer_files = Yes
transfer_files = always
when_to_transfer_output = on_exit
transfer_executable = False 
transfer_input_files = blacksmith.blend
Executable      = C:\Program Files\Blender
Log            = log.txt
Output        = out.txt
Error           = err.txt
Arguments       = -b blacksmith.blend -s 0 -e 57 -a

The file repeats itself till -e (end frame) hits 235.


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