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Re: [Condor-users] rendered image output problem

On Mon, May 08, 2006 at 03:29:41PM -0700, James Mcglade wrote:
> Hey
> I just got condor to render out some frames with
> blender, using 2 windows xp service pack 2 machines.
> The problem that i am having is the frames (jpg files)
> that are rendered out are "lost" after the job
> finishes, i would expect them to be copied back to the
> location of the .sub file, but it seems this is not
> the case. 
> You can watch the images be generated in
> condor/execute/temp folder but then they just get
> wiped.

Condor does not look in subdirectories when transfering
files back at the end of the job. 


- tell Blender to put the jpg files in the execute/ directory,
and not execute/temp

- write a wrapper script that either copies the files from
temp/ to the top-level directory at the end of the job, or 
zips up the temp/ directory at the end of the job

- write to a shared filesystem

I'm not sure if transfer_output_files understands 
subdirectories or not, but I _think_ you can say
transfer_output_files = temp/frame_001.jpg, temp/frame_002.jpg, <...>
etc etc and the right thing happens (but again, I'm not sure)