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Re: [Condor-users] (no subject)

On Wed May 17 2006 12:06 pm, Darin Kalisak wrote:
> Hello all.
> I'm not exactly clear about the distinction and interplay between the
> START and STARTD_EXPRS machine configuration parameters.
> Is it fair to say that the START parameter describes when the machine
> is willing to run (by setting requirements on jobs' class ads),
> whereas the STARTD_EXPRS adds any user-defined parameters to the
> machine's class ad?

Because, by default, random things from your configuration don't wind up in 
your machine ad.

For example, if your condor_config, you have:

If you did a condor_status -l, you'd find that FOOSOFT_INSTALLED is _not_ 
published in the machine ad; unless something that the startd cares about 
(i.e. START, etc.) references it, it'd be completely ignored:
$ condor_status -l |grep FOOSOFT_INSTALLED

However, if you have this:

Then, when you run condor_status -l, you'd see:
$ condor_status -l |grep FOOSOFT_INSTALLED

More importantly, you could then add this to your job, forcing your job to 
only run on machines advertising that they have 'FooSoft' installed:
Requirements = FOOSOFT_INSTALLED =?= true

I hope this helps


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