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Re: [Condor-users] (no subject)

Hi Darin,

Yeah I think you are right. The startd_exprs is associated with the classad 
mechanism. So for example if you wanted to advertise a machine that has Matlab 
you would modifiy a machines local configuration file to say something like..

HasMatlab = True

Then send a condor_reconfig to that machine.

Then to see whether or not that classad appeared on that machine you would 

condor_status -l <the-machine-with-matlab>

In that output, you should expect to see a line in the output that says..

HasMatlab = True

Then all what you would need to do when submitting a job to run only on a 
machine with matlab is make sure that HasMatlab = True is a requirement.

One way to look at Start_exprs is a method to add additional information 
already advertised by your machine anyway through the condor_startd daemon.

Hope any of this helps


Danny Nayar
New Mexico State University

Quoting Darin Kalisak <whognu@xxxxxxxxx>:

> Hello all.
> I'm not exactly clear about the distinction and interplay between the
> START and STARTD_EXPRS machine configuration parameters.
> Is it fair to say that the START parameter describes when the machine
> is willing to run (by setting requirements on jobs' class ads),
> whereas the STARTD_EXPRS adds any user-defined parameters to the
> machine's class ad?
> If so, why is STARTD_EXPRS necessary?  I'm particularly looking at
> about requiring packages to be installed on a machine.  If the user
> defines a boolean parameter MY_PACKAGE_INSTALLED, why wouldn't job
> class ads be able to access that directly, without going through
> Thanks,
> Darin
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