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Re: [Condor-users] is condor open source?

On 4/11/07, Alex Brown <Alexander_Brown@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Glad to hear this.  Regarding what Nick Coleman said about the
developers' time I personally think you might be able to spend less of
it on support if source were released.

In the long term yes, in the short term no.  That's why (as Dan said) they are working towards open source, but that takes time.  In the meantime there are still all of the short term concerns on the table, which would have to take a back seat.

I'm whole-heartedly in favor of Condor being open source, and of open source development in general.  But I think it's a common myth that open sourcing a project magically fixes all (or even most) of its problems.  I think it works to everyone's favor to have security issues hammered out to the Condor team's satisfaction before the source is release to the general public.

- Nick

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